• Art
  • Design
  • PaintingAndPatining
  • Sculptining
  • SetConstruction


The essence of the creative studio Skills Division is creative expressionism, generation of ideas and preparation of concepts. Every project initially begins with sketching on paper, from quick sketches to detailed colour drawings.


From the paper initial ideas are transformed into integral design which includes technical, technological and visual – artistic solutions, ready for final phase of realisation. Using design solutions, we cover many diverse areas: stage design; costume design for puppets and dummies; design of masks and film and theatre props; light design; graphic and industrial design; design of interiors and interiors; creation of images and characters and design of special film effects and tricks

Painting and Patining

Another set of activities undergoing in our workshop are painting, painting and plating decor, props, replicas and models, puppets, masks and dummies, scenery background, interiors and exteriors

Sculpting And Modeling

In the workshop of our creative studio we perform sculpturing and crafting, for which we use different materials. We create replicas, prototypes and final products, puppets, dummies, prosthetics, all forms and designs, from miniatures to large size objects and sculptures.

Set Construction

We create, design and produce all types of stage constructions and substructures made of different materials.

Tailoring And Sawing

An important component of our work is tailoring and sewing of clothes, costumes, special suits and robes of all historic eras, clothing for puppets and dummies, making objects out of leather, eco-leather and PVC materials.